Is Shipping Free?


Shipping is free. Your DVDs arrive in your mailbox. When you're finished, place the DVD into the prepaid package and put it in the mail.

Once the post office receives it, we'll ship another from your list.

Which Plan is Best For Me?


Our most popular plan is the 2-out unlimited, which allows for several movie nights per month. Our 2-out unlimited plan is ideal for households with different movie tastes, or for watching multiple TV series episodes. Or you can opt for no plan at all and pay per view.

What Kind of DVD Formats Do You Have?


We have Blu-Ray DVDs and regular DVDs. All plans include access to both. 

We offer a huge selection of Blu-ray discs that give you vivid HD picture and amazing high-fidelity audio so you can experience movies just as the director intended.

Why Are the Prices So Low?


We know there are many other services available. But here you can enjoy quality content, at a low cost because with us, the customer matters! If you're currently paying for multiple premium movie channels or renting from the kiosk or pay-per-view, you're spending way more than you need to. 

Choose a plan

  • Sheet Plan

    Every month
    • Content Streaming
    • 2 Monthly Discs Rental
    • Unlimited Per Month
    • 1 Game Disc Rental
  • Blue Jet Plan

    Every month
    • Content Streaming
    • 4 Monthly Discs Rental
    • Music Video Streaming
    • Unlimited Per Month
    • 2 Game Discs Rental